Playing it safe

When it comes to electricity, no risk is too small. That's why, for Tekmar, safety is a major part of every thing we do.

Our focus on safety manifests itself in many ways. Worker safety is paramount in every project; all of our work includes comprehensive safety guidelines and the skilled occupational health and safety professionals to enforce them. This has kept our lost time injury (LTI) rate well below industry averages a record of which we are extremely proud.

Tekmar's commitment to safety goes much further, however. Because we recognise safety as a major part of our customers' risk management strategies, we offer a broad range of safety consulting and safety audit services, as well as advice on safety standards and compliance with those standards.

Customer safety isn't an add-on or a token effort, it is a significant part of every project we handle. We'll put policies in place to protect our workers and yours, and we'll document those policies to ensure safety guidelines meet even the most rigorous tender specifications.

As a contractor and a partner, we'll help take the risk out of safety planning. And in a world where unmanaged safety risks have become simply unacceptable, that's peace of mind for us all.